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Katharine Gildert

Katharine Anne GildertKathy has lived in the UAE for 40 years where she married in to a very beautiful Emirati family.  Being married to an Emirati has helped Kathy to truly believe that we are all so deeply interconnected and are One With All.  She has met many peope from many walks of life and has learned that there is no place for discrimination against colour, religion, culture or one's status.  

Kathy began her life transformational journey with the Awaken The Divine You program in January 2017, which is conducted by Master Umesh H. Nandwani, an International Metaphysical Spiritual Master.  This ongoing journey of self mastery continues to help Kathy to realise more and more her purpose in life.  She has gained the understanding and importance of being individual and unique, to live life with joy where there is optimum peace and unconditional love, where there is no place for negativity, fear, anger, judgement and inequality.  

Kathy has always had a passion for naturopathy and over the years has observed how it can more often replace pharmaceutical medicines.  She currently works with the Eternale Biofeedback Device which has helped to reduce stress and to restore peace, balance and harmony within many. 

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