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Lionela Todirean

lionelaGitte is one of the most inspirational healers I’ve met in my life.
I saw Gitte for the first time in a session of reconnecting healing for a backache that I couldn’t get rid of after sessions upon sessions of therapy and medication. The pain would stubbornly comeback every year.
After just 1 visit, my pain completely disappeared after few weeks.
It was not an immediate relief but gradually my pain disappeared and did not come back the next year.
Besides the physical relief, I got much more than I’d signed up for. I’ve started gradually seeing things differently in my life and everything started to fall into place. I’ve accessed a level of understanding that I didn’t possess before the session with Gitte.
My story is still unfolding, I hold my breath to see where it will lead me.
Thank you, Gitte, I don’t know exactly what happened but I’ve been cured from my physical pain and set on a new life path. Lionela Todirean.


Anne Mette S.

Translated: Dear Gitte, “You helped me enlighten my inner truth. I navigate more safely and effortlessly after my meeting with you, and I'm much more aware of my options. I often think of you and I am eternally grateful for what you helped me. Anne Mette S.

Original: Kære Gitte, "Du hjalp mig med at tænde lys i mit sinds uoplyste gange. Jeg navigerer langt mere trygt og ubesværet efter mit møde med dig, og jeg er langt mere bevidst om mine forskellige muligheder". Jeg tænker tit på dig og jeg er dig evigt taknemmelig for det du hjalp mig med. Anne Mette S.


Anne F.

Translated: "During the Summer of 2016 I received 3 'Reconnective Healing' sessions by Gitte, which was an unforgettable experience. During the sessions I experienced inner peace, balance and an immense joy. It has given me extra energy to handle things in life, and the peace and balance achieved I can use in my day to day life to make decisions in a completely new way. I both saw and felt the light and the energy during the healings. Something everyone should experience. It is so amazing. All of this means that following a long period of sick leave from my job, I am now able to return to work. This had not been possible prior to Gitte’s treatments, as the period prior to the healings were filled with headaches, neck pains, dizziness and other symptoms daily following a whiplash accident. Thank you so much Gitte for showing me the right way through my journey in life." Anne F.

Original: "I sommeren 2016 modtog jeg 3 ‘Reconnective Healing’ behandlinger hos Gitte, hvilket var en hel uforglemmelig oplevelse. Gennem behandlingen/healingen oplevede jeg indre ro, balance og umådelig glæde. Det har givet mig overskud til at håndtere ting i livet, og roen og balancen kan jeg bruge i det daglige til at træffe beslutninger på en hel ny måde. Jeg både så og mærkede lyset og energien under healingerne. Noget alle skulle prøve. Det er så fantastisk. Alt dette betyder, at jeg efter en lang sygemelding fra mit job nu er i stand til igen at starte op på mit arbejde. Dette havde ikke været muligt før behandlingen hos Gitte, idet perioden før healingerne var præget af en hverdag med hovedpine, nakkesmerter, svimmelhed og andre symptomer efter en whiplash skade. Tusind tak Gitte for at have vist mig den rigtige vej på min rejse gennem livet.” Anne F.


Karen Wales-Deere

I was introduced to Yoshimi sometime in May. We have a foster cat that wasn't interacting with us or even her kittens. She seemed depressed, withdrawn and was always on high alert. She kept to herself and would sit in her little igloo all day.  After her first session with Yoshimi  Betty started to show slight improvement. After almost a year I was allowed to touch her tail. Over several sessions Betty has improved tremendously.  Today, she comes out from her igloo and will sit in her open bed and would allow us to handle her. She is more relaxed and would gladly eat out of my hand.  I'm so glad I was introduced to Yoshimi as she has thought me how I should handle the situation with Betty. 



My Reconnection session with Yoshimi was a breathtaking experience beyond my expectation. I received session without any knowledge about Reconnection, however, I had several reactions, such as finger cramp, body sensations, and flashbacks. My mind had travelled to different space-time which was very interesting. I have realized that those were the process of self-awakening and healing from the universe. At the very end of session, suddenly I saw myself became the light. It was absolutely a beautiful picture and still remains vividly in my mind. It has been one year since I took the Reconnection session, I have realized that my life has been accelerated much faster, clearer and positively. It became very easy to manifest whatever I ask for to the universe.



Yoshimi is amazing and the best healer I have ever met in my life.  She can heal everyone which has life, human, cats, dogs, turtles. 
Me and my cat, Hay( male 4 years old) were healed by her many times.
I would love to tell you the latest story from those healing experiences.
I just moved out a few months ago. After a while passed, Hay started walking around the apartment and screaming so hard. I didn't know what I could do for him( I couldn't make him relaxing) and asked Yoshimi for help. She healed my cat several times and released his uneasiness. She also told me how Hay was thinking about me. After moving out, I was  being nervous. He was worried about me and wanted me to rely on him more. Not only my cat's, I also feel I was healed this time. I am happy to know my cat is taking care of me besides me. 
Yoshimi always sends love and happiness to us through healing. 



Zakariya Adeel

Katharine's talents and healing energy have opened me up to new possibilities I hadn't realised were possible. I find that she has the ability to mix powerful psychology with her spiritual gifts. It's clear to me that she is able to channel information from some other realm as she has told me things that I was able to practically apply to my life. After taking her advice, two new business opportunities presented themselves and I also developed a new approach to my work which will inevitably help me obtain more business elsewhere as and when I choose. In addition to that, she is a joy to behold and I love her sense of humour.
Zakariya Adeel
Author Astrologer Psychic


Jose Garbe-Vilijn

Kathy has been a life line for us! She has been our go to person for any illnesses in our family.  Her care , guidance and compassion, together with her advanced and wide ranging healing techniques, have been proven time after time to be just what we needed.  Kathy is highly recommended by us to improve your health! ❤  I particularly like to highlight the Biofeedback therapy technique that Kathy used on my daughter, which transformed her from being insecure and shy, because of her mental block and fear of exams, into a confident student who is now accepted and has a place in university!

Joanna Green

I have always placed Kathy as the one person who held me up and carried me through the sudden passing of my21 year old son. She is innately empathetic and had the ability to understand and share my physical, mental and emotional pains.
The power of the mind physically over the body is immense. The day my son passed, after having always had a normal menstrual cycle my body was sent into a spin and I was shocked into menopause I never bled again after that day
Kathy put me on biofeedback which is where you are connected to electrical sensors that help to measure key body functions . My hormonal dysfunction and stress and grief were understandably extremely high and these are the ones she worked on with me. I cannot recommend this enough and physically I feel it has jump started my body ( even losing excess weight that was impossible to shift)
I had started taking anti depressants for the first time in my life after he passed but now I feel confident to reduce and get rid of them.
Kathy also worked on helping my daughter with this machine that has helped her with strength, motivation and confidence...
I think this is the machine of the future !


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